Join our tight-knit family of Designers who go beyond pixels to Grow your value & income with your new Designer Mindset.

Join our tight-knit family of Designers who go beyond pixels to Grow your value & income with your new Designer Mindset.

Join our tight-knit family of Designers who go beyond pixels to Grow your value & income with your new Designer Mindset.

Small Price, Big Career

Small Price,
Big Career




Everything is included!

No extra cost for any current and future content!

No extra cost for any current
and future content!

↳ Designer Mindset Series / Become a Confident Designer
↳ Letters From A Designer
↳ Earning More with Design (WIP)
↳ Designer's Path from Junior to Director Course (WIP)
↳ Successful Interview Guide (WIP)
↳ more...

↳ Connect and network with like-minded designers
↳ Live chat
↳ Design review
↳ Live workshops
↳ Book Club
↳ Writing Club
↳ more…

Free 20 minute 1-on-1 video call with every new member

We can discuss anything you need from Portfolio/Design Reviews to Design Strategies, Career Advice and more…

Our Growing Family of Designers

Our Growing Family of Designers

We have designers at every level, from juniors to seniors, directors from all around the world, with diverse backgrounds working as freelancers, agency owners, employees, managers and more…

We have designers at every level, from juniors to seniors, directors from all around the world, with diverse backgrounds working as freelancers, agency owners, employees, managers and more…

M.A. Baytas

Claudia Pribanić

Designer, purr purr!

Chaitanya Mendu

Samuel Lobo Pires

Branding Designer & AI …

Maciej Balasinski

Product Designer and Des…

Ozan Öztaskiran

Product Designer

Aina Q.

Freelance Designer

Jason Chew

Product Designer

Nikola Kostadinović

Web Designer, Framer Dev

Eric Luciano

Principal UI Designer

Josh Dunsterville

Claudia Pribanić

Designer, purr purr!

Maciej Balasinski

Product Designer and Des…

Dmitry Kurash

Chaitanya Mendu

Ozan Öztaskiran

Product Designer

Vadym Drut

Product designer

Leandro Henflen

Sam Spencer

Product Designer

Ajay Kumar Mahato

Brand Identity / UX Designer


product designer


Lead Product Designer


product designer

Samuel Lobo Pires

Branding Designer & AI …

Huzaifa Hasan


Vadym Kravtsov

Product designer

Ben Lau

Product Designer


"Letters from a Designer" and "Become a Confident Designer | Designer Mindset Series" is ready for you to take as soon as you join.

Other courses are work in progress and will be available to you with no extra cost.

Letters from a Designer Course
16 Letters


Letter I: Don't play in survival mode, 

Play the Growth game!

Letter II: Feed your designer soul with a healthy, variety of experiences.

Letter III: You are your own filter for your future. Filter for your growth.

Letter IV: First, care for your team! First, show empathy for your colleagues.

Letter V: Be the one who sheds the light on other designers.

Letter VI: Invest your money to increase the quality of your work, piece of mind and satisfaction you get from it.

Letter VII: Be known not only as an amazing designer, but as a kind person.

Letter VIII: Say fewer but impactful words.

Letter IX: Stop blaming!

Letter X: Use the feedback as an opportunity to learn and get better as a designer and human being.

Letter XI: Act in your best self-interest and take accountability.

Letter XII: Be the one who stays calm in chaos and offer solutions.

Letter XIII: Read!

Letter XIV: Be Resilient. Rise above personal conflicts. Grow despite the world being against it.

Letter XV: Be Decisive! Take the lead and help making 

the decision.

Letter XVI: Leave the comfort of your home from time to time.


Become a Confident Designer
36 Lessons

What this course is about and how it can help you?

Why does confidence matter?

What does confidence mean to a designer?

Why is confidence important in design?

Common struggles about design and how to deal with them.

↪ I. Fear

↪ II. Perfectionism

↪ III. Comparison

↪ IV. Harsh Self-Judgement

↪ V. Imposter Syndrome

↪ VI. Lack of Skill

↪ VII. Lack of Experience

How to gain confidence as a designer?

Your step by step journey to gaining confidence

Step 1: Understand Your Current Self

Step 2: Understand Your Future Self

Step 3: Understand The Gap Between Steps 1 & 2

Step 4: Become The Designer You Want To Be (16+ ways)



We have a Live Chat for casual updates and spontaneous discussions, while other spaces are designed with specific purposes on various subjects and skillsets.

💬 Live Chat, where we discuss personal and design-related matters casually 

👨‍🚀 Career & Growth, where we share practical tips, personal experiences, and lessons about career growth

🤩 Design Review, where we give each other construction feedback with no BS. 

🧰 Design Systems, where we deep dive into strategies to technical details of building and scaling design systems

📐 Design Tutorials, where we share lessons in technical aspects of design.

🐤 X Growth, where we created an engagement group where we support each other to grow on X. 

📚 Book Club, where we share insightful reviews from various books from design to philosophy, productivity and more.

🤖 AI, where we share tools, prompts, tips, and lessons to adapt to the age of AI 

✨ Resources, where we share various free resources from icon packs to fonts and more...

✍️ Writing Club, where we develop writing habits as designers by creating our writing goals with log progress updates 

and more…


Being a designer is tough in this day and age of AI and the financial crisis with tech layoffs.

Producing good-looking pixels is no longer good enough to secure our job and grow as a designer for most of us. We are witnessing how better AI gets day by day in covering the technical part of design.

More designers are realizing that:

☹ It doesn't matter how great their design looks if they can’t present it effectively to get their team on board to build it.

☹ It doesn't matter how much compensation they think they deserve for their beautiful design if they can’t negotiate for what it's worth.

☹ It doesn’t matter how many likes their design gets on X if ...

The answer to those doesn't live in their Figma or Framer, but in growing human skills such as confidence, time management, negotiation, critical thinking, empathy, effective communication, decision-making, patience, self-discipline, and the list goes on...

However, these skills understandably seem vague to many, and building them requires ongoing support and accountability. This is where the Designer Mindset Community will assist you with care.

With industry leaders and decades of experience, we are here to help you grow your human skills and as a positive consequence, your value and income.

Let's go beyond pixels as designers!

Hey Designers, Oykun here :)

If we haven't met before and you are wondering who I am, here is a brief background;

I started my career as a full-stack developer and designer in the 90s, eventually, I chose to fully focus on Design. 

I have done freelancing, contracting and running my own agency for more than 20 years and for the last 5 years I have been tackling challenges at a top Tier 1 Investment Bank as a Senior Vice President of Design, Manager and Creative Lead for multiple business lines that contain 100+ applications and generate multiple billions of dollars $$$ annually and earned me millions of dollars along the way.

I worked in any environment you can imagine, as a Designer. I've mentored designers at all levels, from juniors to seniors.

Now, I'm eager to expand my circle and contribute to more designers' career journeys within this community.

Btw, I believe there is more to Design than pixels on a screen!

I’ve worked with many influential brands and been featured by respected press;


Register your interest, so we can discuss details.

Have Questions? You can write to me at X @oykun or